Dada Hari Wav

Situated in Asarwa, 15 km from Ahmedabad, the Dada Harir Wav, initially known as the Bal Harir Stepwell is among the two famous step-wells of the region. Established during the Mehmud Begda era, this octagonal stepwell designed in sandstone is a remanence of the Solanki style of architecture. It is a space of respite for the locals during the summers.

The seven-levels of the stepwell, which is a great source of water conservation, can also accommodate several visitors at the same time. Located right behind the Dada Hari grave, this unique construction showcases three stairways to the bottom of the well from the first storey. The whole structure of the Dada Harir Wav is a masterpiece of Gujarati design and intricate artistry in stone.